A muslim’s guide to anal hygiene

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A muslim’s guide to anal hygiene

Toilette etiquettes are imperative to maintain personal hygiene. In Islam though the dua before entering the toilet is the most prominent of Muslim toilet directives but there are a number of stringent instructions that are to be followed wholeheartedly.
While the dua for entering toilet and the exit prayer along with the predefined rule of left foot first entry, behavioural directives and stepping out using the right foot, the Quadaa Al-Hajah also serves as a Muslim’s guide to anal hygiene during the Wudu (cleaning oneself). The stringent instructions for using a Muslim toilet include:

  • 1. Wiping should always be done using the left hand and preferably with only one finger.
  • 2. Water is the best suited means of cleaning. In absence of water one may use stones or shells but anything other than that is not recommended.
  • 3. Paper wipes using toilet paper only are considered halal in the Muslim toilets of some of the Islamic nations – Turkish toilets being one of them.
  • 4. The wipes must always be done in odd numbers, with wiping thrice at least.
    5. The males are allowed to wash their genitals from back to front while women should only do it in the opposite direction (front to back).
  • 6. Men must ensure no drop of urine is left in urethra by performing ibistra.
  • 7. One should sprinkle a couple of drops of water on their underpants after attending to the nature’s call.
  • 8. No one should look at their own or other’s genitals while using a Muslim toilet.

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