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For Henry looked to the learning and abilities of Reginald Pole to vindicate before Europe the justice of his divorce from Catherine of Aragon; and, when Pole was conscientiously compelled to declare the very opposite, the king's indignation knew no bounds. His indignation carried him into accord for a time with those who advocated the terrorist policy. If you still have questions, why not ask a native speaker? The indignation of the people at the death of Germanicus, and the suspicion that Piso had poisoned him, forced Tiberius to order an investigation. Je ne parle pas français mais je comprend ce... Quelle est la différence entre meilleur et mieux ? DeIphobus was preferred, and Helenus withdrew in indignation to Mount Ida, where he was captured by the Greeks, whom he advised to build the wooden horse and carry off the Palladium. steamer "Malacca" on July 13th in the Red Sea by the Russian volunteer cruiser "Peterburg" led to a storm of indignation, and the sinking of the "Knight Commander" (July 24th) by the Vladivostok squadron intensified the feeling. He passed six quiet years in the convent, but his poems written during that period are expressive of burning indignation against the corruptions of the church and profoundest sorrow for the calamities of his country. The failure of these negotiations, for which he was only in part responsible, led to the universal movement of indignation and impatience, which ended, in France, in the declaration of neutrality (1408), and at Pisa, in the decree of deposition against the two pontiffs (1409). But the proposed exchange of territory aroused the most bitter indignation at Bucharest. But the publicity given to a document scarcely known till then raised the utmost indignation against the Society. Parnell publicly condemned the murders and rode out the storm of public indignation to push for a policy of Home Rule for Ireland. A climax of indignation is reached when a blind man is healed at the pool of Siloam on the sabbath day. Every new chapter in the story of Turkish misrule raises a fresh storm of indignation throughout Europe. You will also feel constant indignation at the dire shortage of confectionery. This is testified by George Joye in his Apology, who himself brought out a fourth edition of Tyndale's New Testament in August 1534, freed from many of the errors which, through the carelessness of the Flemish printers, had crept into the text, but with such alterations and new renderings as to arouse the indignation of Tyndale. Similarly in 1631 the army took upon themselves to depose the governor Mflsa Pasha, in indignation at his execution of KIts Bey, an officer who was to have commanded an Egyptian force required for service in Persia. They are able to hide behind righteous indignation caused by the above practice. can I say "pretty good"? When the terms of the Austro-Piedmontese armistice were announced in the Chamber at Turin they aroused great indignation, but the king succeeded in convincing the deputies Piedmont that they were inevitable. Chcesz pograć? "It is almost impossible that a state so disorganized and corrupt as Florence then was should produce men of parts and character, but if by chance any such should arise they would be hated and persecuted, their dispositions would be soured by indignation, or they would be hunted from their country or die of grief" (Benedette Varchi). The war of the Second Coalition having brought about the expulsion of the French from Italy, the Directors were exposed to a storm of indignation in France, not unmixed with contempt; and this state of public opinion enabled the young conqueror within a month of his landing at Frejus (9th of October 1799) easily to prevail over the Directory and the elective councils of the nation. 1920 provoked the indignation not onl y of the manufacturers but of all the middle-class. This atrocity caused great indignation in Mexico and abroad: the reactionists were divided; their financial straits were extreme, as the Juarists held all the chief ports. Meanwhile, indignation at Antony's un-Roman excesses, and alarm at Cleopatra's rumoured schemes of founding a GrecoOriental empire, were rapidly increasing. 4 The postponement of the question was, indeed, already producing ugly symptoms of popular indignation. 's sale of indulgences, the moral rage stirred in Northern hearts by papal abominations in Rome, were external causes which precipitated the schism between Teutonic and Latin Christianity. In August there were strikes among the dock laborers of Genoa and the iron workers of Florence; the latter agitation developed into a general strike in that city, which aroused widespread indignation among the orderly part of the population and ended without any definite result. It was his cool treatment of such sanctified names as Charles, Cranmer and Laud that provoked the indignation of Southey and the Quarterly, who forgot that the same impartial measure was extended to statesmen on the other side. But peace did not suffice to end Edwards troubles; he dropped back into his usual apathy, and the Despensers showed themselves so harsh and greedy that the general indignation only required a new leader in order to take once more the form of open insurrection. bab.la nie jest odpowiedzialne za ich brzmienie. Nadirs anger and indignation had been great at this weak proceeding; indeed, he had made it the ostensible cause of the shahs deposition. He plied her lips gently, testing and encouraging, and she felt herself respond despite her indignation. The writer's indignation at finding it treated with silent contempt by the great scholar, who thought it was the work of a personal enemyAleander - caused him to write a second oration, more violent, more abusive, with more self-glorification, but with less real merit than the first. In the tenth, the theme of the " vanity of human wishes " is illustrated by great historic instances, rather than by pictures of the men and manners of the age; and, though the declamatory vigour and power of expression in it are occasionally as great as in the earlier satires, and although touches of Juvenal's saturnine humour, and especially of his misogyny, appear in all the satires of this book, yet their general tone shows that the white heat of his indignation is abated; and the lines of the eleventh, already referred to (201 seq. But the affair caused such general indignation that Gustavus felt obliged, in May, to offer some justification of his conduct. Hopkins' hysteria was a sample of America's campus-based indignation industry, which churns out operatic reactions to imagined slights. He seems to have been a kindly, homely, somewhat feckless person like many an excellent parish priest, who did not conceal his indignation at some of Northumberland's deeds. "la fille a l'air pensive" ou "la fille a l'air pensif"? The action of Germany caused great indignation in Spain, which led, in Madrid, to imposing demonstrations. King John declared himself unable to restrain the indignation. And the leaders of the Constituent who came first on the stage, and hoped to make a revolution with rose-water, and hardly realized any more than Burke did how rotten was the structure which they had undertaken to build up, almost deserved his contempt, even if, as is certainly true, they did not deserve his indignation. outburst of outraged indignation from the community and an immediate response from the police. W słowniku angielsko-polskim znajdziesz Więcej tłumaczeń. ments as hereditary fiefs, their consequent worldliness and (it must be added) their vices, aroused the indignation of two very remarkable men in the latter half of the 11th century. The growing violence of his latest works is to be accounted for, not only by his burning indignation against the ever-advancing secularization of the Catholic church, but also by the incompatibility between the authorities which he recognized and yet was not able to reconcile. I am very new to french:). Affichage basé sur la Loi sur les Transactions Commerciales Spécifiques. The popular indignation at such scandalous miscarriages of justice rendered a change in the composition of the courts imperative. indignation at the way in which things were going. "Well, that's not very friendly," Josh said with a note of indignation in his voice. The spectacle of men so rash, and so incapable of controlling the forces which they seemed to have presumptuously summoned, excited in Burke both indignation and contempt. Qu'est-ce-que c'est en Français (France)? indignation against the sin had to be (to use the technical term) propitiated. The passage of this KansasNebraska Bill, one of the most momentous in its consequences ever passed by the Federal Congress, was largely a personal triumph for Douglas, who showed marvellous energy, adroitness and resourcefulness, and a genius for leadership. In the face of your inconsideration or unkindness, I may experience pain, indignation, chagrin, shame, annoyance, bashfulness and more besides. This tragedy, which rightly or wrongly aroused the most widespread indignation throughout Europe, produced a ministerial crisis in Spain. Valerius Martialis or Martial (c. 41-104) that we have a true image of the average sensual frivolous life of Rome at the end of the 1st century, seen through a medium of wit and humour, but undistorted by the exaggeration which moral indignation and the love of effect add to the representation of Juvenal. The presentation of the memorial provoked an outburst of indignation. The deepest indignation was aroused by this incident, and was still further increased by the trivial way in which the case was dealt with by the court. Czy wiesz, że wszystkie nasze słowniki działają w dwóch kierunkach? In the deathless volume of Chatiments, which appeared in 1853, his indignation, his genius, and his faith found such utterance and such expression as must recall to the student alternately the lyric inspiration of Coleridge and Shelley, the prophetic inspiration of Dante and Isaiah, the satiric inspiration of Juvenal and Dryden. The assent of Lord Elgin to the bill provoked in Montreal a riot which ended in the burning of the houses of parliament, and so great was the indignation of the hitherto ultra-loyal Conservative party that many of its most prominent members signed a document favouring annexation to the United States; Macdonald on the other hand took steps, in conjunction with others, to form a British-American league, having for its object the confederation of all the provinces, the strengthening of the connexion with the mother country, and the adoption of a national commercial policy. The indignation which his appointment caused was intense; he was known only by the reputation which in his early years he had won as a violent ultra-Conservative, and the apprehensions were increased by his first speech, in which he said that the German question could not be settled by speeches and parliamentary decrees, but only by blood and iron. Local councillors have reacted with dismay and indignation. A massacre of Persians at Kerbela might have seriously complicated the dispute, but, after a first burst of indignation and call for vengeance, an expression of the regret of the Ottoman government was accepted as a sufficient apology for the occurrence. The British immigrants of 1820 were still struggling against heavy odds; the Dutch colonists were in a state of great indignation. Example sentences with the word indignation. Public indignation was aroused by what were known as the "Bulgarian atrocities," and Gladstone flung himself into the agitation against Turkey with characteristic zeal. Upon his head was concentrated the whole of the popular indignation against the foreign favourites; and he seems to have deserved this unenviable distinction. Koroschek, the Slovene leader, wrote to the minister in the name of his party that " these hypocritical assurances have called forth nothing but indignation among the Southern Sla y s " (Jan. The story of Claude Gueux, published five years later (1834), another fervent protest against the infliction of capital punishment, was followed by many other eloquent and passionate appeals to the same effect, written or spoken on various occasions which excited the pity or the indignation of the orator or the poet. The old gentleman was spluttering with indignation. Find more ways to say indignation, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. He was blazing with indignation. It is, indeed, impossible to say what motives of personal chagrin, of love of detraction, of the mere literary passion for effective writing, may have contributed to the indignation which inspired his verse. Que signifie Est-ce que tu as étendu le linge? His temper was hot, kept under rigid control; his disposition tender, gentle and loving, with flashing scorn and indignation against all that was ignoble and impure; he was a good husband, father and friend. In indignation at the first refusal that he had met, the earl conspired with Glendower to raise rebellion in the name of the rightful heirs of ~ King Richard, the house of March. By the treaty of Berlin, in 1878, the Russians rewarded their Rumanian allies with this land of mountains, fens and barren steppes, peopled by Turks, Bulgarians, Tatars, Jews and other aliens; while, to add to the indignation of Rumania, they annexed instead the fertile country of Bessarabia, largely inhabited by Rumans. How to use indignation in a sentence. The action of the Convention in perpetuating its influence by the imposition of two-thirds of its members on the next popularly elected councils, aroused a storm of indignation in Paris, where the "moderate" and royalist reaction was already making headway. This announcement raised a storm of indignation among the European community in India, and the government were obliged virtually, though not avowedly, to abandon their measure. It was of course opposed by the Centre, who declared that the Reichstag had no right to interfere in what was after all a religious question, and the Bavarian Opposition expressed much indignation that their government should turn for help to the Protestants of the North in order to force upon -the Catholics of Bavaria a law which they could not have carried in that state. Moved only to scorn and indignation by the rhetoric of these presumptuous enthusiasts, Frederick marched into the Leonine city, and took the imperial crown from the hands of Adrian IV. And they have awful immoral indignation if you hate them back, yet they still hate you if you don't. ? example plz Des questions concernant des phrases d'exemple avec, et la définition et l'utilisation de "Indignation", La signification de "Indignation" dans divers phrases et expressions, Exemple de phrases utilisant "Indignation", Mots similaires à "Indignation" et leurs différences, Autres questions concernant "Indignation", Significations et utilisations de mots et de phrases similaires. In spite of the courage and presence of mind of Cairoli, who received the dagger thrust intended for the king, public and parliamentary indignation found expression in a vote which compelled the ministry to resign. The first production of Addison's Cato was made by the Whigs the occasion of a great demonstration of indignation against the peace, and by Bolingbroke for presenting the actor Booth with a purse of fifty guineas for "defending the cause of liberty against a perpetual dictator" (Marlborough): In the terms granted to England there was perhaps little to criticize. In 1804 Pius consented to anoint Napoleon emperor, thus casting over a conquered crown the halo of legitimacy. While guests who were injured may rightfully feel indignation, frustration, and anger at the amusement park, those emotions do not necessarily indicate the need for an attorney's services. 3. At Worms the indignation of the populace was intense. The prevalent famine and distress are due to Yahweh's indignation at such remissness. His indignation was aroused by the barbarities inflicted upon the Hottentots and Kaffirs (by a minority of the colonists), and he set himself to remedy their grievances; but his zeal was greater than his knowledge. When the part played by President Cordero in this transaction became known, an outburst of popular indignation occurred. At the same time Leopold ceded Lunigiana to Parma and Modena in equal parts, tn arrangement which provoked the indignation of the in~iabitants of the district (especially of those destined to be ruled ~y Francis V. Italian indignation at the French coup de main was the deeper on account of the apparent duplicity of the go~iernment of the Republic. I want to know if this sounds ok to native speakers: These pretensions roused a special burst of indignation in France. To satisfy the anti-colonial party he ceded Kassala to Great Britain, provoking thereby much indignation in Italy. The account of this scene which he sent home roused indignation in England to such a degree as to lead to determined and to a considerable extent successful efforts to get the sultan of Zanzibar to suppress the trade. The conclusion of the treaty of Bardo on the 12th of May, however, compelled Cairoli to sacrifice himself to popular indignation. There was great indignation throughout the free states; and even in Chicago Douglas was unable to win for himself a hearing before a public meeting. The indignation against him on account of his first-named work was so great that he would probably have been compelled to leave Italy had not Alphonso V. In the outburst of indignation, followed by increasing disaffection in Ireland, which this event produced, Grattan acted with conspicuous moderation and loyalty, which won for him warm acknowledgments from a member of the English cabinet.2 That cabinet, however, doubtless influenced by the wishes of the king, was now determined firmly to resist the Catholic demands, with the result that the country rapidly drifted towards rebellion. The exasperation of the majority of the country at his policy, and the indignation aroused by his treatment of the Dalmatians in Rome, as well as his failure to secure a settlement of the Adriatic problem, led to his fall in June 1920, thus leaving the way open for the return of Giolitti. Indignation at the cession of Nice to France and at the neglect of his followers by the Italian government induced him to return to political life. Pathos and indignation, subtlety and simplicity, personal appeal and political reasoning, were the alternate weapons with which she fought against all odds of evidence or inference, and disputed step by step every inch of debatahle ground. How to use indignation in a sentence. It then became necessary to examine the papal claims. The sufferings of the Christians and the desecrations of their sacred buildings during these troubled times created wide-spread indignation through the west: and this indignation was inflamed into fury by Peter the Hermit, a native of Picardy, who in early life had been a soldier. C'est la ville la plus belle que j'aie connue. As was to be expected,, an oath taken under compulsion by such a man was little binding; and the French troops were compelled to witness, with helpless indignation, the orgy of cruel reaction which immediately began under the protection of their bayonets. Połącz przyjemne z pożytecznym. To przeciwko nim powinno skierować się nasze, Zakomunikujmy wyraźnie władzom Brazylii nasze, Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego, jestem, bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar, Wszystko, co musisz wiedzieć o życiu w innym państwie. The Frogman felt he had been insulted, so he gave a loud croak of indignation and turned away. It is only fair to say that no real proof was brought that the Socialists had anything to do with either of these crimes, or that either of the men was really a member of the Socialist party; nevertheless, a storm of indignation rose against them. On the 5th of March the Crispi cabinet resigned before an outburst of indignation which the Opposition had assiduously fomented, and five days later a new cabinet was formed by General Ricotti-Magnani, who, however, made over the premiership to the marquis di Rudini. He regarded the monstrous system of misrule for which they were primarily responsible with indignation, made no secret of his sentiments, and soon gathered round him a band of young officers of strong royalist proclivities, whom he formed into a club, the so-called Svenska Botten (Sweden's groundwork). Melville's rudeness (if it is to be called so) was the outburst of just indignation from a man zealous for the purity of religion and regardless of consequences to himself. He cast out the spirit of negation, and henceforth the temper of his misery was changed to one, not of " whining," but of " indignation and grim fire-eyed defiance.". All Rights Reserved. His sympathetic nature was influenced by indignation against the brutal methods adopted towards prisoners, especially political prisoners, and by the stern measures which the government of the tsar felt compelled to adopt in order to repress the revolutionary movement. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. "How's your day?" All the poet and all the man spoke out and stood evident in the perfervid patriotism, the filial devotion, the fatherly tenderness, the indignation and the pity, which here find alternate expression in passionate and familiar and majestic song. Before his arrest he had completed the first part of the Age of Reason, the publication of which made an instant change in his position on both sides of the Atlantic, the indignation in the United States being as strong as in England. The indignation of the Christians increased, a state of insecurity prevailed, and the Moslem peasants refused to return to their homes. The terrible condition of the army, vividly described in the letters which the war correspondents of the newspapers sent home, aroused strong feelings of indignation in Great Britain. This explains the charge of Manichaeism levelled against Priscillian (Jerome, for his talk of the Sordes nuptiarum, had been similarly accused, and to escape popular indignation had retired to Bethlehem),' and to this was added the accusation of magic and licentious orgies. Every one now looked to the crown to extract the nation from an ex-lex, or extra-constitutional situation, but when the king, passing over the ordinary party-leaders, appointed as premier Count Karoly Khuen-Hedervary, who had made himself impossible as ban of Croatia, there was general amazement and indignation. The statesmanlike qualities displayed on this occasion were unavailing to avert the storm of indignation conjured up by Crispi's opponents in connexion with a charge of bigamy not susceptible of legal proof. A storm of popular indignation arose and the decemvirs were forced to resign. Que signifie je n'arrive plus à m'endormir?? To this " humanism " the Reformation seemed at first more' hostile than the Roman hierarchy; indeed, the extent to which this latter had allowed itself to become paganized by the Renaissance was one of the points that especially roused the Reformers' indignation. He rejected with indignation the miraculous stories told to confirm the doctrine of transubstantiation. The death of the unfortunate monarch, against whom an attempt had previously been made by the anarchist Accianito (2 2nd April Death 1897), caused an outburst of profound sorrow and indignation. The wish expressed by the Whigs, that a member of the electoral family should be invited to England, had already aroused the queen's indignation in 1708; and now, in 1714, a writ of summons for the electoral prince as duke of Cambridge having been obtained, Anne forbade the Hanoverian envoy, Baron Schutz, her presence, and declared all who supported the project her enemies; while to a memorial on the same subject from the electress Sophia and her grandson in May, Anne replied in an angry letter, which is said to have caused the death of the electress on the 8th of June, requesting them not to trouble the peace of her realm or diminish her authority. Side by side with his indignation at the idea of cheating his Saracen enemies may be mentioned his answer to those who after Taillebourg complained that he had let off Henry III. This arrangement, which made the Prussian police the active allies of the Third Section in the persecution of The political suspects, created vast indignation among all K~inigs- shades Of Liberal opinion in Germany, an indignation berg which culminated with the famous Konigsberg trial. She has not even learned that exhibition on which so many pride themselves, of 'righteous indignation.'. Her conduct excited popular indignation; and the consequent disorders, amounting almost to civil war, gave an opportunity to the ambition of Andronicus. indignation translate: öfke, kızgınlık, içerleme. Przydatne zwroty w tłumaczeniu z polskiego w 28 językach. Wiseman travelled slowly to England, round by Vienna; and when he reached London (11th November) the whole country was ablaze with indignation at the " papal aggression," which was misunderstood to imply a new and unjustifiable claim to territorial rule. When it was found that there was to be no direct compensation for Italy a storm of indignation was aroused against Austria, and also against Signor Tittoni. Seizing the agitation in Romagna as a pretext, he had the town of Ferrara occupied by Austrian troops, which provoked the indignation not only of the Liberals but also of the pope, for according to the treaties Austria had the right of occupying the citadel alone. The hostility of the Irish members was perhaps increased by some natural indignation at the charges brought against Parnell. Much indignation was provoked by tha sight of the king kept continually in ward by his privy councilors and treated with systematic neglect; but the treatment of his son was even more resented. ), with the latter of whom the Knights more than once contracted profitable alliances, they even contrived (Treaty of Salin, 1378) to extend their territory by getting possession of the province of Samogitia, the original seat of the Lithuanians, where paganism still persisted, and where their inhuman cruelties finally excited the horror and indignation of Christian Europe. The action of the British cabinet caused both astonishment and indignation throughout South Africa and in the other selfgoverning states of the empire. Quelle est la différence entre Saranghae et Saranghaeyo ? He had nothing puritanical in his nature, but he shared in the ill-feeling aroused in the Scottish nobility by the political authority given by Charles to the bishops, and by Hamilton's influence with the king, and also in the general indignation at the scheme of imposing upon Scotland a liturgy which had been drawn up at the instigation of the English court and corrected by Archbishop Laud. But their excesses, and in particular the Cabochien ordinance of the 25th of May 1413, aroused public indignation; a reaction took place, and in the month of August the Armagnacs in their turn became masters of the government and of the king. Nous ne pouvons pas garantir que chaque réponse soit 100% précise. These measures of repression aroused great indignation in Europe, and led first to the intervention of the English, French and Russian squadrons (see Navarino, Battle Of), and then to the landing of a French expeditionary force. Mr Chamberlain had relied on his personal influence, which from 1895 to 1902 had been supreme; but his own resignation, and the course of events, had since 1903 made his personality less authoritative, and new interests - such as the opposition to the Education Act, to the heavy taxation, and to Chinese labour in the Transvaal, and indignation over the revelations concerned with the war - were monopolizing attention, to the weakening of his hold on the public. Nearly all the best writers are characterized by a certain naive and earnest piety which is attractive, and not infrequently display a force of moral indignation which arrests attention. Shortly after a rescript arrived from Constantinople confirming Mug~afa Pasha in the governors4fip. The queen and the prince consort (see Victoria, Queen) did not conceal their indignation at the position in which he had placed them with all the other courts of Europe. This theory, though not altogether new, aroused much indignation in Oxford, and A. Under Augustus, a father used his legal right to execute a delinquent son, and provoked the indignation of Rome.

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