Toilettes & WC japonais


what’s JAPLET ?

To summarize, these are toilets that do everything for you, (or almost).
You will still have to move by your care to « spend a penny » !
At Japlet, We have developed an innovative technology and a sleek design that blends into the
décor of all your bathrooms and toilets.
Thanks to a multitude of tests carried out on our factory, this new generation of Japanese toilets
brings a true renewal. During testing, all components have been completely revised to make it
easier to use, to maintain and above all a longer life.
Our electronic seats are adaptable to all toilets.

Livraison rapide

Vous êtes livrés chez vous en 24 h !

Satisfait ou remboursé

Vous avez 7 jours pour tout renvoyer !

Garantie sérénité

Bénéficiez d'une garantie de 12 mois !

Our Japanese toilets JAPLET

The JAPLET catalog is available in 3 different price ranges and technologies.
All our products are tested before being put on sale to guarantee you maximum comfort.
We hope that you will find the WC JAPLET which will satisfy your needs of intimate hygiene.

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Gamme Premium


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Gamme Confort


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Gamme Hygiène


How to use ?

Nothing’s easier !
You can heat your seat, adjust the water temperature before starting the washing by choosing
which intimate part you want to clean and then trigger the drying system and finally launch the
evacuation. All this is done via the control panel located on the side (Comfort Range) or via the
remote control (Premium Range).




Why should i use JAPLET ?

Technology is advancing with great pace, the world is changing, habits too.
Your toilet does not escape this trend.
Good hygiene is imperative in everyday life for good health and healthy living. It begins first by your
bathroom cabinets.
By avoiding or decreasing contact during washing, Japanese toilets greatly reduce: the passage of
bacteria from the bowl to the hands, hemorrhoids crisis, the abuse of toilet paper; the
consequences of which are detrimental to the environment and the body human.
Well … From now on, comfort won’t concern only sofas ! Now, it will go hand in hand with your
toilet also.s !

Are you a professional ?

Are you a business owner ? Offer your customers and/or employees the
comfort of JAPLET ! With a simple and fast installation, you can replace your
old toilets in a very short time.
Do not hesitate to contact our customer service and present us your project in
order to propose you the appropriate solution to your need.

  • Maisons de retraite
  • Restaurants
  • Hôtels
  • Hopitaux ...

Advantages to use JAPLET

Easy to install and use, exceptional hygiene, unprecedented comfort … the
advantages of using our Japanese toilets are undeniable.
Whether it’s for your home or your business, user feedback will confirm that
you’ve made the right choice.
From the temperature adjustment to the heated seat, the advantages of our
Japanese toilets are legion.

  • Plus hygiénique (bactérie E. coli)
  • Plus respectueux de l'environnement
  • Moins de papier utilisé
  • Plus pratique ...

Who should use it ?

Due to their ease of use, affordable prices and multiple functionality, our
Japanese WC JAPLET is for everyone.
Who would not appreciate the comfort of a Japanese toilet ?
However there are people who will be more interested because the
characteristics of our WC will meet their (very) particular needs.

  • Handicapés
  • Femmes enceintes
  • Musulmans
  • Personnes âgées
  • Personnes à mobilité réduite
  • Personnes à la pilosité importante...